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Dominica International Investment Corporation Limited (DICL), as the parent company responsible for the attracting investment and financing for the nationally major projects, undertakes the mission of supporting the investment of setting up other several entity companies.

Dominica International Investment (Asia Pacific) Limited, as the subsidiary company of the DICL, undertakes the work of attracting investment and financing all over the world and coordinating the operation of all projects for the need of the parent company and the preparations of several certain projects.

When DICL develops to a certain extent, it aims to go public listing in order to attract more finance to participate the development and growth of Dominica.

The tenet of DICL is to integrate resource, to solve the employment problem, to develop economy, and then to improve the living standard of Dominican and ultimately to promote the level of national development.

Dominica International Investment Corporation Limited (DICL)
Add:2nd Floor, Eversleigh House, Corner of Hanover Street & Hodges Lane, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica
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